As a phoenix, you've been through your fair share of pain. You've been burned.
But now you're ready to rise from the ashes and ignite a fire within!
Do one of the below services... Do all three... Your choice.
Just get started and prepare to fly!
Pick your fire starter!

Transformational Retreats

Therapeutic, Healing Getaways

Imagine this... the opportunity to get away from your everyday life, visiting soul enriching locations near and far with like-minded individuals who value their mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. A transformational retreat with Phoenix Nest is meant to provide you with that opportunity! Each custom made retreat incorporates local culture, therapeutic activity sessions, and designated opportunities for one to be alone, meditate, and enjoy the bliss that comes from the state of "just being". The goal of each retreat is for participants to return home feeling rejuvinated, grounded, powerful, and excited about life. They are meant to TRANSFORM the soul. Visit the "Upcoming Retreats" page to see where we're going next!

The Punch Path

Movement-based therapeutic coaching

The Punch Path is a new modality of mental health coaching which is a combination of group coaching, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and boxing. Participants need not have advanced physical fitness abilities, as the focus is mainly on tuning inward to access emotions, then utilizing basic movements to express and release debilitating memories and emotions to make room for healing. Sessions are conducted in private group format at a professional boxing gym.

*Email or call to find out how you can participate in this program for 50% off!

Remote Coaching

Confidential coaching via live video

As a candidate for the telemental health credentialing, Althia offers HIPAA-compliant coaching online through video conferencing. Coaching is done with a short-term, goal-oriented approach to mental health treatment. While Althia is a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor, as a "coach" her approach is not "therapy"-based. Althia's role as a coach is to guide her clients with a direct person-centered plan, not delving into issues of the past, major traumas, or other deep issues typically dealt with in therapy. Instead, the client and Althia will look closely at the present and work through a solid, dynamic plan to reach agreed upon goals. This is a dynamic,  potentially life-changing process done from the comfort of your home.